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5 Simple, but Powerful Style Lessons for Tall Men

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5 Simple, but Powerful Style Lessons for Tall Men

Learn 6 simple, but powerful style lessons for tall men when it comes to proper fit, dressing for seasons and your skin tone, accessories and suits.

5 Simple, but Powerful Style Lessons for Tall Men

Style Lesson #1: First of All, Fit

The foundation of great style for tall men is finding clothes that fit your body type. Most men’s clothing you’ll find is made with general measurements to fit the majority of guys who are on average 5’9”. Anyone 6’2” and taller will struggle to find shirt sleeves and pants long enough without being forced to buy a size larger than they need to accommodate their height. The problem is, when you should be a size large, but you get an extra-large because the sleeves are longer, you end up looking like you’re wearing a parachute with a big neck hole. And, unless you have a tailor you trust, finding pants that fit your waist and legs can be nearly impossible. If you’ve been hiding behind baggy shirts and pants, we guarantee you’ll feel like more confident when you wear big and tall men’s clothing made for your body type.


Which brings us to our first tip: If you’re at the mall, the clothes are too small.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Stop going to the same department stores and malls to buy clothes that will never fit right. Hensley’s Big & Tall sells tall men’s clothing. Our store is full of modern and classic styles specifically made for your tall body.


Tall Man’s Style Lesson #2: Tall Men Should Avoid Monochromatic Colors

Regardless of the season, there are some fashion faux pas when it comes to tall men style. Tall men should avoid monochromatic colors—they translate to one large color block. Mix up like colors even if they’re in the same family like a brighter blue with a navy. Another fashion mistake would be to wear anything with vertical lines—they make you appear taller than you already are. Tall guys should also steer clear of anything with small patterns. The patterns end up looking tiny. Try to opt for larger patterns with geometric designs. And also forget about skinny ties that end up being too short. Ties should hit around your belt line. If you always shop for slim and tall men’s clothing, a wider tie could buff out your chest.


Another consideration for tall men is all about looking proportional. We all have little abnormalities or parts of our bodies that we feel self-conscious about. The clothes you wear can either accentuate or eliminate some of these features:


     +  A shirt with a large collar can make your head look small.


     +  Pants that are too loose can make your legs look too skinny.


     +  A sport coat or suit jacket that’s too short can make your legs look too long or your torso too short.


     +  There’s not a one size fits all solution; the trick is to find the size that fits you.


Tall Man’s Style Lesson #3: Dress for Your Skin Tone

You’re not alone, but you are unique. Skin tone, build, legs, arms, head, torso; there’s nothing about you that is exactly the same as the other guy looking through the sale rack. One color may look great on you but terrible on another person. A shirt that fits one 6’5” guy perfectly, will be too long or too short on the next 6’5” guy. There are general rules to follow to help you pick clothes that complement you, and one of those rules is to dress for your skin tone.


Let’s talk about skin tones.


To determine whether you have a cool, warm or neutral skin tone, take a look at the veins on your hand and wrist. If your veins are blue or purple, you have cool skin. If they appear green, then you have warm skin. If you cannot tell, then you have neutral skin.


Cool: For those with cool skin tones, the colors that look best on you are inspired by the depths of the ocean and winter. Bright blues, emeralds, deep purples, lavender and ice blues look great.


Warm: For those with warm skin tones, the best colors are rich reflections of nature. Colors like red, orange, amber, gold and yellow look best.


Neutral: For those with neutral skin tones, you can wear anything on the color wheel, but colors that look best are green, yellow, true red and lagoon blue.


Colors for every skin tone: There’s a handful of colors that look great on any skin tone and are the perfect balance between cool and warm. Colors include pure white, teal and eggplant purple.


Tall Man’s Style Lesson #4: Accessorize Your Outfit

This is a topic most men will avoid, which is a huge mistake. Accessories are subtle details you can easily integrate without breaking the bank.


Let’s start easy, one accessory you’ve worn at least once is a belt. Most men have a black or brown belt because it matches their everyday shoe. This comes from traditional style advice to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoe and outfit. While a good rule of thumb, tall men can bend the rules a bit to add separation from the legs and torso. Contrast your outfit with a complementary belt and shoe color, this will break up an otherwise elongating look.


Next, let’s look at your tie. Your off-the-rack tie from a department store will be too short. After tying a double windsor knot, the bottom of your tie should stop in the middle of your belt. Anything shorter or longer will look awkward and disproportionate. We know how hard it is to find an extra-long tie, that’s why we guarantee you’ll always find a wide selection of extra-long ties at Hensley’s Big & Tall.


Since tall men have larger wrists, we recommend elevating your look with a a large and substantial watch. Watches are timeless fashion pieces that can complete your outfit. When it comes to your watch game, remember that less is more. The simplest watches can be versatile for a casual night out or a more formal event.


Finally, we recommend a pocket square anytime you wear a suit, sport coat or blazer with a breast pocket. Why? Not only will a pocket square add a touch of flavor to your suit, you’ll separate yourself from the crowd. Remember, if you’re wearing a tie, a pocket square should complement your tie.


Tall Man’s Style Tip #5: Invest in a Dark Suit

A dark suit is a staple of any man’s closet, there’s nothing more classic and versatile. A dark suit can be worn to a formal event, an interview or the office. No mixing and matching required, simply wear a white dress shirt with virtually any color tie, a pair of brown or black dress shoes and matching dress socks. If you want to take it a step further, also buy a lighter gray or blue suit for the warmer months that is linen or cotton to stay cool.


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