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Big and Tall Shorts Style Guide

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Big and Tall Shorts Style Guide

Buying Big And Tall Shorts? Read This First For Essential Shorts Style Tips.

Men’s Big & Tall Shorts Style Guide

Whether you’re packing for a vacation or getting dressed for the warmer weather, you’ll find yourself reaching for a pair of shorts. You need a go-to pair of big and tall shorts that will fit comfortably and go great with any shirt.



Best Looking Big and Tall Shorts to Wear

When it comes to men’s big and tall shorts, the major shorts styles are chino shorts, cargo shorts, denim shorts and athletic shorts. No matter what style of shorts you prefer, Hensley’s Big & Tall has what you’re looking for online or in-store. Read on to learn more about the different styles of shorts.



Big and Tall Chino shorts

Chino shorts are the most basic and versatile. They have a clean look without any extra pockets and are characterized by a flat front, meaning there are no pleats. Because these shorts are more fitted than other options, they can be worn by all big and tall guys in any context. If dress code permits, they’re typically the only shorts appropriate for the office. For a day out, we recommend a short-sleeved button down or polo. For a casual occasion, they look great with a simple t-shirt. We love the versatility of chino shorts and recommend neutral colors like gray, khaki and blue so they don’t clash with any shirt you choose to wear.



Big and Tall Cargo Shorts

If chino shorts aren’t your style you can pick up a pair of big and tall cargo shorts. Cargo shorts are baggier, known to have two or more extra pockets than normal and are roomier than the more fitted chino shorts. Cargo shorts are great for working in the garage and outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.



Big and Tall Denim Shorts

Jean shorts, otherwise known as denim shorts, are another option for spring and summer and come in blue, gray and black colors. When wearing jean shorts, make sure to keep it simple with your shirt and stay away from loud or busy garments.



Big and Tall Athletic Shorts

For your workouts and days around the house, a pair of big and tall athletic shorts are essential. Whether you’re working out or looking to change into something comfortable after work, every big and tall man needs a couple of pairs of athletic shorts.



Know Your Ideal Shorts Length

Each person is different when it comes to choosing an acceptable length for shorts. A good landmark for length is to have your shorts hit right above your knee. When it comes to fit, you want to be sure the shorts are fitted but allow you room to move around comfortably. Keep in mind, shorts get shorter when you sit down. For this reason, we suggest standing and sitting while when trying them on. The most accurate way to identify the length of your ideal shorts is to consider your inseam length and body build.



How to Measure Inseam

To measure your inseam, take a tape measure from the bottom of the zipper down to the end of your shorts. Depending on the fabric, the shorts may shrink a bit, but knowing your inseam will give you an idea of the length you’re looking for when buying big and tall shorts.



Shorts Length for Big and Tall Men

Generally, you’ll always be safe when the length of your shorts hits right above the knee. But, we’re not all built the same, so the key word here is, proportion. Depending on your build, there are a couple of exceptions which can help alleviate your anxiety of looking too short or too tall.



Shorts Length for Big and Tall Men with a Husky Build

For those with husky builds, shorts that hit at the knee or just below it can offset your broader frame. The longer inseam will complement your body build making your legs seem longer. But, if you go too long, the shorts will make you appear shorter.



Shorts Length for Big and Tall Men with a Tall Build

When it comes to shorts for tall guys, the shorts can land an inch or two above the knee. We don’t suggest any less, because the shorter the length the taller you’ll appear. Pay attention to the leg holes, you want them to be fitted but not too tight or loose. Too tight, and your legs will appear very skinny and much longer. Too loose, and your legs will look smaller and disproportionate.



Shorts Length for Big and Tall Men with an Athletic Build

If you have a more athletic or muscular build, don’t shy away from more fitted shorts. You want to be able to comfortably move around in them and have room for your muscular thighs. A misconception for more athletic builds is that they have to wear baggy clothes. Not true. You can purchase slim fit clothes at the right size to show off all your hard work in the gym. Here’s a simple test you can perform: Pinch the fabric around your leg, if you can’t grab enough between the tops of your fingers, the shorts are too tight. If the fabric goes beyond the top knuckles of your thumb and pointer finger, the shorts are too baggy.



Get Measured for Your Shorts Length

If you’re still unsure about the style or length of shorts, leave it up to the clothing experts at Hensley’s Big & Tall by visiting our store in Urbandale, IA.



FAQs About Big and Tall Shorts



What if I Only Have Time to Buy One Pair?

If you can only pick up one pair of shorts, your best bet is to buy a pair of navy chino shorts. They can be worn with flip flops and a Henley shirt for casual attire, or a button up with loafers for a date night. We really like the neutral color and they will go great with just about any shirt. If you find yourself liking the navy chino shorts, you can try out different colors of the same style for variety.



How Do I know My Shorts Fit Properly?

Your shorts should fit comfortably around your waist without falling down before you put a belt on. As mentioned before, the length should hit right around your knee and you should be able to move around comfortably in them.



What Shirts Do I Wear With Different Styles of Shorts?



What Shirts to Wear with Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are the dressiest style of shorts discussed in this article. They go great with a polo or short and long sleeve button up and can be dressed down with a simple t-shirt or Henley.



What Shirts to Wear with Cargo Shorts

Perfect for outdoor adventures, cargo shorts go great with a t-shirt or Henley. During months when the weather is cooler in the morning and evening, a long sleeve sweatshirt or hoodie can be a great match as well.



What Shirts to Wear with Jean Shorts

For guys with jean shorts, it’s recommended they be worn with muted colors and is perfect to pair with button-ups, polos, Henleys and t-shirts.



What Shirts to Wear with Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts are meant to be worn with workout shirts or t-shirts. Layering your favorite team’s half zip long sleeve pull-over is also a stylish option for that early morning run.



Should I Tuck My Shirt in My Shorts?

In most scenarios, shorts are casual enough for a big or tall man to leave his shirt untucked. If you’re wondering which shirt types are okay to tuck into your shorts, polos and long-sleeved button downs are what we recommend.



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